Carl Travis was a firefighter here in Lexington until 1983 and he has been described by everybody that knew him as “a firefighter’s firefighter”.   In 1983 Carl was killed in a tragic tractor accident on his farm and everybody took it extremely hard.  After the accident, someone had the idea that starting with the next recruit class, they would begin giving out the Carl Travis Award, so in 1984 it was started.  Now this award means more than most, because it is voted on by our peers.  It doesn’t necessarily go to the smartest, or the strongest, or the fastest person in the class.  It is voted on by the recruit class to go to the person who is the first one to step up.  The “firefighter’s firefighter”.

Below is a list of all the recipients thus far.

Class 19
Class 20
Class 21
Class 22
Class 23
Class 24
Class 25
Class 26
Class 27
Class 28
Class 29
Class 30
Class 31
Class 32
Class 33
Class 34
Class 35
Class 36
Class 37
Class 38
Class 39
Class 40
Class 41
Class 42
Class 43
Class 44
Class 45
Class 46
Class 47
Class 48
Class 49
Class 50
Class 51
Class 52
Class 53
Class 54
Class 55
Class 56
Class 57
Class 58
Class 59
Class 60
Class 61
Class 62
Class 63
Class 64
Class 65
Class 66
Class 67
Class 68
Keith McHenry
William Gabbard
Rick Hisel
Earl Sipple
Rick Jordan
Randy Wells
Cecil Fain
Todd Gray
William Norton
Darwin Smith
Gerald Ray
Eric Duffy
Tim May
Mark Sturgill
James Roff
Rob Volpenhein
Jason Stephenson
Chip Walker
Donnie Salmons
Jim Wells
Wes Herald
Harlan White
Mark Harvey
Jason Kirby
Shane Bishop
Chuck Gumm
Thomas Horseman
David Whitt
Adam Morgan
Homer Day
David Moore
Jason Pickleseimer
Scott Fett
Todd Holman
Chris MacFarlane
Jason O’Nan
John Gerardi
Max Bradford
Jacob Diaz
Brandon Ledford
Craig Owens
Rick Garr
Thomas Sacca
Christopher Andrews
Joshua Walls
Bryant Blodgett
Michael O’Leary
Kyle Lawrence
Matthew Works