Station Number Fifteen 2017-09-13T21:39:37+00:00


3308 Shillito Park Rd.

Opened: 1975

Neighborhoods served:

  • Shillito Park
  • Robinwood
  • Capistrano East
  • Brigadoon
  • Fayette Mall
  • Monticello Estates
  • Fox Harbor
  • Blueberry Hill
  • Whispering Hills
  • Southpoint
  • Willow Oak
  • Mill Pond
  • Foley’s Landing
  • Wyndham Downs
  • High Plains
  • Waverly
  • Waveland


Built on land leased from the RJ Reynolds Company, Station #15 was the last of the ranch-style fire stations built in Lexington. At the time of its construction, this was the fastest growing portion of the city, situated on its busiest roadway, Nicholasville Rd.