The bricks measure 4” x 8” and will accommodate up to 2 lines with 16 spaces per line. They will be spaced appropriately on the brick when they are sandblasted.


Please remember to count the blank spaces for each space between words and before and after the “&” symbol. It is not necessary to use both lines or to completely fill the lines.

Please use the secure, online link below to purchase your brick. The cost of a brick is $250.00.  Call  859-523-9576 if interested in purchasing a brick.

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All purchasers will receive a confirmation of their brick application once payment is received. The Lexington FOF, Monument to the Fallen, Committee reserves the right to decline any application should they deem the inscription to be inappropriate to the intent of the Monument. The Committee also reserves the right to move the location of the brick if any unforeseen issues arise during construction of the monument.

NOTE: Bricks will be removed daily and as often as possible once they are purchased. Removal of bricks is not automated so you may see your brick still listed after you have purchased it — thus why it important to purchase it ASAP to make sure your name is received first.  Sorry for any inconvenience.